fournierSusan Fournier is Questrom Professor of Management and Faculty Director of the M.B.A. Program at Boston University. Her research explores the creation and capture of value through branding and brand relationships. Current projects explore the links between brand strategy and shareholder value, management of corporeal person-brands, attachment style effects on relationship quality, brand relationship measurement systems, and brand relationship development processes. Her work has been recognized with seven awards, including the Long-Term Contribution Award in Consumer Research. She is an Editorial Board member of the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing, Marketing Theory, Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing, Senior Consulting Editor for the Journal of Brand Management, Senior Advisory Board Member of the Journal of Product and Brand Management, and At-Large Director of the Association for Consumer Research. She previously served on the faculties of Harvard Business School and Dartmouth. She maintains a range of consulting assignments to inform her teaching and research, including a partnership with GfK Research to commercialize her brand relationship frameworks. Her Ph.D. is from the University of Florida

Susan Fournier
Questrom Professor of Management and Faculty Director of the M.B.A. Program at Boston University

Selected Publications

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