Fellow Robert V. Kozinets

KozinetsR_headshotRobert V. Kozinets is a globally recognized expert on social media, marketing, branding and innovation. Besides inventing netnography, he has authored and co-authored over 100 pieces of research on the technology, media, method, brands, and consumers. This includes four books, three of them Sage Method books. Currently, he is Associate Editor of the Journal of Consumer Research and the Journal of Retailing, an Academic Trustee of the Marketing Science Institute, and is on the Board of Directors of the Association for Consumer Research. On the industry side, he has extensive speaking, training, and consulting experience with a range of global companies and organizations, including HSBC, TD Banking and Financial Group, American Express, Merck, Sony, Nissan, eBay, Campbell Soup, and L’Oréal.

Robert V. Kozinets
Professor of Marketing at York University’s Schulich School of Business, also Chair of the Marketing Department

Selected Publications

Kozinets, Robert V. (2014), “Social Brand Engagement: A New Idea,” GfK Marketing Intelligence Review, 6 (2), 8-15.
Kozinets, Robert V., Kristine de Valck, Andrea Wojnicki and Sarah Wilner (2010), “Networked Narratives: Understanding Word-of-mouth Marketing in Online Communities,” Journal of Marketing, 74 (March), 71-89.
Borghini, Stefania, Nina Diamond, Robert V. Kozinets, Mary Ann McGrath, Albert Muniz, Jr., and John F. Sherry, Jr. (2009), “Why Are Themed Brandstores So Powerful? Retail Brand Ideology at American Girl Place,” Journal of Retailing, 85 (September), 363-375.
Diamond, Nina, John F. Sherry, Jr., Mary Ann McGrath, Albert Muniz, Jr. Robert C. Kozinets, and Stefania Borghini (2009), “American Girl and the Brand Gestalt: Closing the Loop on Sociocultural Branding Research,” Journal of Marketing, 73 (May), 118-134.
Brown, Stephen, Robert V. Kozinets, and John F. Sherry, Jr. (2003) “Teaching Old Brands New Tricks: Retro Branding and the Revival of Brand Meaning,” Journal of Marketing, 67 (July) 19-33.