Fellow Janet Borgerson

BorgersonJanet Borgerson works on questions at the intersections of philosophy, business, and culture, particularly around issues of identity and relationships. She is co-author of From Chinese Brand Culture to Global Brands (Palgrave Macmillan 2013). Her PhD students have worked on brand trust, Chinese brand development, and identity in organizations. She studied philosophy, economics, and writing at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and earned a Ph.D. (Philosophy) from University of Wisconsin, Madison, completing postdoctoral work at Brown University, and receiving fellowships from Cranbrook Institute and Harvard School of Public Health. She earned a Docent degree in Business Administration from Stockholm University, where she was Associate Professor of Marketing, before moving to University of Exeter as Associate Professor of Philosophy and Management. Her research has appeared in a broad range of journals, such as Journal of Marketing Management, European Journal of Marketing, and Philosophy Today. She has held visiting positions at Walailak University, Thailand; Shanghai Institute for Foreign Trade; and the University of Auckland, New Zealand. She serves on the Editorial Review Board of Consumption Markets and Culture, and the Board of Trustees at Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film, for whom she also does brand consulting.

Janet Borgerson, Visiting Scholar
Rochester Institute of Technology, Department of Philosophy

Selected Publications

Borgerson, Janet L. (2013), “The Flickering Consumer: New Materialities and Consumer Research,” Research in Consumer Behavior, Vol. 15, 125-144.

Borgerson, Janet L. (2011) “Marketing, Bad Faith, and Responsibility,” in Business Ethics and Continental Philosophy, René ten Bos and Mollie Painter-Morland (Eds.), Cambridge University Press, 220-241.

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Borgerson, Janet L., Jonathan Schroeder, Martin Escudero Magnusson, and Frank Magnusson (2009) “Corporate Communication, Ethics, and Operational Identity: A Case Study of Benetton,” Business Ethics – A European Review, 18(3), 209-223.

Schroeder, Jonathan, Janet Borgerson, and Zhiyan Wu (2015, in press), “A Brand Culture Approach to Chinese Cultural Heritage Brands,” Journal of Brand Management.

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