Note on Brand Positioning

Note on Brand Positioning (2010) Boston University School of Management Note (Fournier and Eng)

Brand positioning is the art and science of claiming relevant, differentiated, and credible meanings for one’s brand such that the brand comes to own a place in the consumer’s mind that offers distinction and value. Brand positioning is perhaps the most fundamental of all marketing decisions as it provides the platform around which the marketing program becomes integrated. Positioning is a highly strategic endeavor with implications that extend far beyond the marketing department. A brand’s positioning answers the overarching question, “What business are we/should we be in?” and therefore implicates the firm’s business model and internal structures and processes. By all counts, brand positioning is a critical mechanism through which value is created and captured for the firm. Brands that lay claim to the right meanings and leverage them effectively transcend competitors and benefit from greater usage pull, higher penetration, and stronger consumer relationship ties.

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