Leveraging Consumer Insights to Build the Financial Planner Brand

Leveraging Consumer Insights to Build the Financial Planner “Brand” (2010) Boston University School of Management Case (Fournier) see attached pdf in zip file

In difficult times, management returns to the basics. Are the right business models in place? Are the systems and guiding principles still valid? Is the brand properly aligned with the culture? Is marketing operating on the basis of what consumers really think and feel? This case takes us back to the starting point for all informed business strategies: the consumer. In the current exercise, we consider consumer insight into the meaning of the financial planning “brand” and the problems that besiege it in order to advance strategic ideas for creating and capturing value for practitioners and the industry as a whole. At issue are fundamental questions concerning brand meaning: What do people think about financial planners as a professional group? What is the image and reputation of financial planners? How can the Financial Planning Association and practicing planners position themselves to increase perceived value in consumers’ minds? How can marketing programs be designed to capture that value over time?

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