Exercises & Projects

Action learning can enhance the delivery of branding concepts in the classroom. Here are some of the exercises and projects we’ve used with our students to give them hands on practice with branding. Please feel free to add to our list by uploading your own exercises and projects. Be sure to tag the exercise or project with content tags to help instructors know the core concepts that are covered within it.

Brand Repositioning, Revitalization and Rebranding Project

Brand Repositioning, Revitalization and Rebranding Project Description: Brand management is a long-term process that involves awareness of the unique challenges that confront the brand as it progresses across the different stages of its life. In other classes we consider how to “birth” resonant brands, how to nurture promising brands, and how to leverage brands for […]

Brand Relationship Strategy Project

Brand Relationship Strategy Project Description: Lured by tech-enabled opportunities to use customer data to build customized and profitable relationships, companies have invested heavily in customer relationship management (CRM) systems that quantify the value of customers. But critics note that CRM has devolved into customer profitability management: an efficiency-driven, company-centric practice that moves people to higher […]

Brand Portfolio Strategy Project

Brand Portfolio Strategy Project Description: One of the keys to managing brands is to consider them not only as individual performers, but as members of a holistic and integrated system where brands work to support one another. Brand Portfolio Strategy is the strategic discipline concerned with the totality of products and brands that a company […]

Brand Blog Project

Brand Blog Project Description: Over the course of the semester, you will write a weekly blog on a brand of your choice. Choosing a Topic: For your topic, you will analyze a particular brand (Apple, Starbucks, Prius, American Red Cross, Greenpeace, etc.) Your chosen brand should be broad enough to provide you with plenty of […]

Brand Associations Exercise

Brand Associations Exercise Description: To have students elicit and analyze brand associations for leading global brands. Materials needed: White posterboard sheets with sticky stuff on the back (one for each student) Markers (one for each student) Brand logo printouts How to run it: Print out logos from the Interbrands Top Brand survey. Paste each logo […]

Brand Meaning and Personality Exercise

Brand Meaning and Personality Exercise Description: To have students explore and analyze brand meaning and brand personality using a variety of market research techniques. Materials needed: • Exercise worksheets for each student (see attached) • Each student needs to work with a particular brand – if they are working on projects for the semester, they […]

Brand Identity Exercise

Brand Identity Exercise Description: To learn how to analyze various brand identity elements including name, logo, symbols, colors, characters, spokespeople, slogans/tag lines, packaging design, etc. Materials needed: Physical samples of two brands from the same category (one of each for every two students)– one relatively rich in brand narrative with relatively strong brand identity elements, […]

Brands in Culture Exercise

Brands in Culture Exercise Description: Illuminate the culturally shared meanings of brands through cultural analysis of how the brands are used in popular culture. How to Run it: In advance of the class session, deliver the following assignment: “Think about movies, television shows, songs, videogames, etc. that feature brands. How is the brand used to […]


LOGORAMA Exercise Description: Illuminate the culturally shared meanings of brands through cultural analysis of how brands are used in a popular movie Materials Needed: Student access to the short film Logorama, which can be found at http://vimeo.com/10149605 How to run it: Logorama is a short 16 minute film that was directed by the French animation […]

Consumption In Virtual Worlds And Online Communities Exercise

Consumption In Virtual Worlds And Online Communities Exercise Description: For this lab, you will explore how emerging social media applications have facilitated the formation and growth of subcultures of consumption and brand communities. This assignment is designed to illuminate how consumption brings people together into communities and the role that consumption plays in the creation […]