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Note on Brand Positioning

Note on Brand Positioning (2010) Boston University School of Management Note (Fournier and Eng) Brand positioning is the art and science of claiming relevant, differentiated, and credible meanings for one’s brand such that the brand comes to own a place in the consumer’s mind that offers distinction and value. Brand positioning is perhaps the most […]

Brand Repositioning, Revitalization and Rebranding Project

Brand Repositioning, Revitalization and Rebranding Project Description: Brand management is a long-term process that involves awareness of the unique challenges that confront the brand as it progresses across the different stages of its life. In other classes we consider how to “birth” resonant brands, how to nurture promising brands, and how to leverage brands for […]

Brand Relationship Strategy Project

Brand Relationship Strategy Project Description: Lured by tech-enabled opportunities to use customer data to build customized and profitable relationships, companies have invested heavily in customer relationship management (CRM) systems that quantify the value of customers. But critics note that CRM has devolved into customer profitability management: an efficiency-driven, company-centric practice that moves people to higher […]

Brand Portfolio Strategy Project

Brand Portfolio Strategy Project Description: One of the keys to managing brands is to consider them not only as individual performers, but as members of a holistic and integrated system where brands work to support one another. Brand Portfolio Strategy is the strategic discipline concerned with the totality of products and brands that a company […]